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alpina d3

Olha só os números deste BMW Alpina D3. Motor diesel 2.0 de 200 cavalos, 39 kgfm de torque, 0-100 em 7,4 segundos e um consumo médio entre cidade e estrada de 20 km/l. Esse carro não existe!!!!

Todos estes números representam o Alpina D3, um carro diesel de performance séria, usando o corpinho de um Série 3 mas trabalhado pelos mágicos da performance da Alpina. Com potência de 100 cavalos por litro, dá pra brincar hein? Tá certo que ele é 1 segundo mais lento do que o 330i no 0-100, mas ele tem muito mais torque, graças ao torque do diesel. E tem mais….

alpina d3

Ao encher o tanque as diferenças ficam ainda maiores, com o D3 exibindo um consumo de 20 km/h, contra 13,5 do 330i, seis cilindros, gasolina.

Além disso o carro da Alpina tem pintura azul especial, kit aerodinâmico exclusivo, rodas 19 e uma lista grande de upgrades do interior. Tudo isso por 26.995 libras. Muito barato. O preço do 330i começa cerca de 2.000 libras acima disso!

[Fonte: Alpina]


The new BMW ALPINA D3 Diesel Saloon
Details of the highest performance 2.0 litre 3-Series diesel announced.

The BMW ALPINA D3 saloon takes the unique collaboration between the two companies into a new market segment. Built alongside the BMW 320d, the D3 derivative raises the bar for 2.0 litre diesel power and performance, with 100hp per litre on tap, and a top speed of 145mph. Yet the car has one of the lowest CO2 figures in the entire BMW range and offers nearly 50mpg on the combined cycle.

2.0 litre diesel engine with 200hp, 302 lbs-ft of torque

Six speed manual transmission

0-62mph in 7.4 secs

Max speed 145mph

Combined consumption 47.9mpg

CO2 rating 156g/km

Price £26,995 OTR
Unmistakable but exclusive

Externally, the silhouette of the new ALPINA D3 is unique, with exclusive aerodynamic front and rear spoilers, 19″ ALPINA wheels, and twin polished tailpipes. Inside, the D3 boasts half leather sports seats, trademark ALPINA steering wheel, gear knob, and instruments with red needles over blue dials, and an individually numbered production plaque. The floor mats and door sill trims also bear the ALPINA logo.

ALPINA have been working in conjunction with BMW for over 40 years, and before a new BMW model is launched ALPINA have access to BMW’s own development programme. Engineers from both companies communicate closely, and this allows ALPINA to add the extra dimensions of performance and handling to BMW cars which already represent the ultimate for most drivers.

However, innovation must enhance ‘real world’ performance. Hence the D3’s dual personality – exciting but economical. Few other cars in any class have the same ability to deliver the consummate open-road driving experience – all with meagre fuel consumption and minimal environmental cost. All this and the £26,995 price add up to an unbeatable combination, but don’t expect to see the new D3 on every street corner – ALPINA GB only expect to be able to get around 100 cars for 2006!

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