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Nissan responde ao papo da aliança com a GM

Veja a resposta oficial da Nissan em relação a especulação causada pela Tracinda Corp.,  mais precisamente Kirk Kerkorian, ao mandar uma carta para a General Motors sugerindo uma aliança entre as empresas.

Issued by Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan:

The Renault-Nissan Alliance is an open partnership, which has never been restricted to two partners. Under the right circumstances and with the appropriate partners, the Alliance could be expanded further. Such an expansion would only be considered by the Alliance if it were executed in the full spirit of the Alliance, which is founded on trust, transparency, performance and the full respect for individual corporate and brand identity.

Mr.Ghosn, President and CEO of Renault and Nissan was approached by Mr.Kerkorian, Mr.York and representatives of Tracinda Corporation to assess the merits of GM joining the Renault Nissan Alliance.

At this point, it is necessary that GM Board and top management fully support this project in order to start the study of this opportunity after agreement of Renault and Nissan boards.

Apesar de a Nissan diz que seria receptiva a fazer um acordo com a General Motors, ela não menciona nada em termos de a Nissan ou a Renault comprar parte da GM.

Veja abaixo uma cópia da carta que a Tracinda Corp. mandou para a GM:

Letter from Tracinda Corp. to GM:

Dear Mr. Wagoner:

It is our understanding that Renault S.A. (“Renault”) and Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. (“Nissan”) are receptive to the concept of including General Motors
Corporation (“General Motors”) in their partnership−alliance and purchasing from General Motors a significant minority interest in the Company.

The Renault−Nissan partnership−alliance has created tremendous engineering, manufacturing and marketing synergies, resulting in substantial benefits and cost savings to both Renault and Nissan.

We believe that participating in a global partnership−alliance with Renault and Nissan could enable General Motors to realize substantial synergies and cost savings and thereby greatly benefit the Company and enhance shareholder value. Accordingly, we urge the Board of Directors to form a committee to immediately and fully explore this opportunity together with management.



[Fonte: The Detroit News]

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