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Novo Jaguar XKR 2007 – fotos de alta resolução!


Para nossa alegria este é mais um daqueles posts com um MONTE de fotos de alta resolução, lançadas pela indústria automobilística!

Hoje a Jaguar liberou um grande pacote de fotos de divulgação do maravilhoso e novo Jaguar XKR, algumas fotos totalmente inéditas.

Veja alguns detalhes sobre o Jaguar XKR 2007

  • motor 4.2 de 420 cavalos
  • 0-100 em 4,9 segundos e velocidade máxima de 250 km/h (limitada)
  • peso de 1665 kg
  • novos amortecedores e molas, e sistema Computer Active Technology Suspension (CATS)
  • câmbio automático de seis marchas
  • sistema Active Exhaust System

Veja os links para as fotos:

E veja o press-release:


IRVINE, Calif, June 30, 2006 – Jaguar is proud to announce its new supercharged sports cars – the 2007 Jaguar XKR Coupe and Convertible. Making its global reveal at the 2006 London Motor Show on July 18, 2006, the all-new XKR takes the Jaguar experience to new heights.

Designed in parallel with the naturally aspirated 2007 XK Coupe and Convertible, the new supercharged XKR makes intelligent use of practical, modern technology such as its industry-leading aluminum monocoque body structure. In fact, the new XKRs’ aluminum chassis are significantly lighter and stiffer in both Coupe and Convertible form than the steel counterparts they replace.

A 420bhp, 4.2-liter supercharged V8 engine makes the Jaguar XKR capable of rapid 0-60mph performance in just 4.9 seconds (XKR Coupe) and produces an electronically limited top speed of 155mph.

Both XKR Coupe and Convertible exhibit enhanced performance styling cues such as a sportier new grille and front
bumper design, a vented hood and distinctive aluminum-effect side power vents. Its unique option 19- or 20-inch alloy wheel designs and standard quad-exhaust system also add to its overall presence.

“The new supercharged XKR captures perfectly the essence of what makes a Jaguar XK so special,” commented Bibie Boerio, Jaguar Cars managing director. “It is a perfect combination of refined Grand Tourer and serious performance sports car that delivers a truly rewarding and exhilarating driving experience.”

Building on the excellence of the 2007 XKs introduced in 2005, the 2007 XKR is the epitome of a contemporary sports car and perfectly illustrates Jaguar’s philosophy of building beautiful, fast cars. It combines beauty with power, and style with dynamism to deliver a world-class performance automobile.

[Fonte: Jaguar]

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