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Volvo XC90 Sport SE é lançada em Londres

De acordo com a Volv, os consumidores da marca tem reclamado e pedido uma versão mais dinâmica de sua SUV XC90. Pediu, levou.

Na semana que vem, no British Motor Show, o público vai dar uma primeira olhada no Volvo XC90 SE Sport, uma versão com aparência e suspensão modificadas para dar uma atitude mais on-road do que off-road. A suspensão consiste de amortecedores mais firmes e barras anti-rolagem, para melhorar as curvas.

Em adição, agora a direção está mais direta. E um sistema de ajuste automático de altura da SUV completa o pacote.

Visualmente falando, a nova cor Passion Red foi adicionada á lista de cores, e os detalhes externos cromados perdem seus detalhes em favor de um tom alumínio. As rodas são de 19 polegadas com pneus Pirelli P-Zero.

Os motores são: o Yamaha 4.4 V8, o novo 3.2 V6 que foi visto da última vez no LR2 / Freelander 2, ou no caso dos europeus, um turbodiesel 2.4 de cinco cilindros.

Press Releases:

Volvo XC90 Sport – a new version of Volvo’s successful SUV

In response to customer demand, Volvo Car Corporation is expanding the XC90 range with a new variant – the Volvo XC90 Sport. With a dynamic chassis setting and a unique appearance and specifications, the Volvo XC90 Sport will offer drivers more enjoyable handling and desirability.

“We have had numerous requests for a sportier XC90,” says Karin Falk, head of Special Vehicles at Volvo Cars. “They are from customers who appreciate the versatility and comfort of an SUV but who also want a bit more driving pleasure. We have developed the Volvo XC90 Sport especially for them, with a dynamic sport chassis, stiffer anti-roll bars, firmer shock absorbers, a sport-tuned, speed-dependent steering system, and larger, 19″ wheels,” she continues.

Sporty driving characteristics with a stiffened chassis
The Volvo XC90 Sport is not only sporty in aesthetic terms. The chassis characteristics have been refined to increase genuine driving pleasure. Both the shock absorbers and the anti-roll bars have been made stiffer to offer a high level of stability when cornering. The steering has also been adapted to offer quick steering response. Furthermore, Volvo’s self-levelling system, Nivomat, is standard in both the five and seven seat models. The system has been fine-tuned to offer great stability and driving control.

“We dare to promise a truly enjoyable experience behind the wheel of a Volvo XC90 Sport,” says Karin Falk. “The driving characteristics are of a calibre that few thought were possible in a Volvo SUV. And we have not had to compromise on riding comfort. We have succeeded in finding a balance between driving stability and the capacity to absorb unevenness in the road.”

Distinctive and sporty exterior
The Volvo XC90 Sport will be launched with a colour that is unique for this XC90 variant, Passion Red, plus double chromed exhaust pipes and larger 19″ alloy wheels – available in silver bright or diamond cut with contrasting effect. Wheel arch extenders in the body’s colour help emphasise the large wheels particularly clearly.

Details and trim will have a satin silver finish rather than the standard chrome, and the lower skid plate is also in satin silver. The unique sill mouldings are in brushed stainless steel. To accentuate the car’s sporty nature and create a sleeker appearance, it is not fitted with roof rails – although they will be available as an option for those customers who need them.

Sport décor and upholstery
The interior design is customised with a more sporty character with a sport steering wheel and gear selector of perforated leather plus sports seats with additional lateral cushioning to support the driver, even in faster cornering.
The leather in the seats is a combination of two different grades of leather which provide a sporty, exclusive feel. The décor piping in different colour shades also enhances the impression.
The instrument dials have metal chronograph watch-style faces with a shimmering blue lustre. The sport carpets with crème-coloured décor piping complete the picture of a sporty interior with an exciting hi-tech feel.

V8 and 3.2-litre six-cylinder petrol engines, or D5 five-cylinder turbodiesel
The range of engines for the Volvo XC90 Sport includes Volvo’s V8 (315 hp) and its new 3.2-litre six-cylinder petrol engines, plus the latest generation D5 (185 hp) turbodiesel. All three are very powerful and energy-efficient engines that contribute to the sporty driving experience. The engines are extremely compact and are transversely mounted in the engine bay for the best possible safety and a spacious cabin.

Engines, Configuration, Output kW/hp, Torque Nm:
V8, petrol 4.4 l, V8 232/315 440
3.2, petrol 3.2 l, I6 175/238 320
D5, diesel 2.4 l, I5 136/185 400

Deions and facts in this press material relate to Volvo Cars’ international car range.
Vehicle specifications may vary from one country to another and may be altered without prior notification.

[Fonte: Volvo UK]

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